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Inst. Energy and Envirenment Engineering
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There are 12 teachers in the center  including 5 professors, 6 supervisors of PhD candidates and 4 associate  professors.

The research interests of the center  include: Study of the mechanisms and applications of two-phase flows, simulation  of heat and mass transfer and its applications, circulating fluidized bed  boiler, biomass boiler, biomass pyrolysis and gasification technology, MSW  incineration and fly ash meltion, high-efficiency, low-pollution incineration  technology of hospital waste and waste organic liquid from paper mill and  chemical industry, air-conditioning and refrigeration, heat-pump technology,  strength analysis and calculation of boilers and pressure vessels, pulsing  combustion, research and development of new energy-saving and emission-reducing  industrial boilers, developing and using new and renewable energies, the  potential application of nanofluid in the energy field.

In recent five years, the institute  has undertaken major projects of national natural science fund, the national  natural science foundation projects, national natural science foundation of  China youth project, national science and technology support plan, the national  big science projects, the ministry of education in the new century talents  project, provincial natural science foundation of China youth, international  science and technology cooperation projects, aerospace cooperation projects with  large companies. More than 260 SCI/EI collected articles have been published. 20  patents have been authorized. 11 software copyrights have been licensed.  Huilin-Gidaspow model (2003) has been included by the international famous  commercial software ANSYS14.0. Wang Shuyan and He Yurong guided by Professor Lu  received national excellent doctoral dissertations in 2011 and national  excellent doctoral dissertation nomination in 2007 respectively. In the  teaching, Engineering Thermodynamics has been selected as the “11th  five-year plan” national planning material.