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Inst. combustion technology
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Institute of combustion  technology


The Combustion  Engineering Research Institute (CERI) of Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT)  was founded in 1999, which originally came from the combustion research group  which established in 1987. The Thermal Engineering as a secondary discipline was  founded in 1954, and became master’s programs in 1981, doctoral programs in  1990. Now it becomes the national key discipline and post-doctoral research  station. Four Academicians graduated from this discipline. Recently a national  engineering laboratory of coal combustion pollutants reduction has been  authorized by national development and revolution committee in November 2008,  which is the first national engineering laboratory in province  Heilongjiang.

Currently, CERI  has 21 faculty including 1 academician, 8 full professors and 6 associate  professors, among which 7 PHD Supervisors and 14 Master Supervisors. Prof. Qin, the head of CERI, is Member of  the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Prof. Wu, the deputy head, is the expert of  863 Advanced Energy and Technology area. Prof. Li and Prof. Sun are supported by  Program from New Century Excellent Talents from Education Ministry.

CERI has developed  the Horizontal Bias Combustion (HBC) Burner technology which achieved  international advanced level and became the main combustion technology in China.  It has been applied to at least 50000MW utility boilers successfully, which  created billions profit for society. This technology won the second prize of  National Technological Invention Prizes of China and the first prize of Science  and Technology Progress Prizes of Heilongjiang Province in 2001.

Currently, CERI  undertake 30 projects from National High Tech Programs (863), National Basic  Research Program (973), National Key project, and NSFC, as well as projects from  province and ministry. During the 11th five year plan period, CERI  funds for research reached 20 million RMB from the national projects, 30 million  RMB from the crosswise projects with corporations.

The research areas  of CERI cover clean energy, environment and pollution control, chemical process  and control. The new and traditional subjects together provide more bright  future. Currently, the main research areas include:

Clean coal  combustion technologyAir pollutant control and monitor  technology

Waste  incinerationBiomass combustion and  conversion

Advanced Power  cycle systemComprehensive Utilization of Coal technology

Fuel characteristic testing  technique