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Inst. Aeronautical and Astronautical Thermophysics
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Introduction of Institute of  Aeronautical and Astronautical Thermophysics

There are 14 staffs in  institute of aeronautical and astronautical thermophysics, including 8 full  professors (8 doctoral supervisors), 3 associate professors and 4 lecturers. Two  of them are awarded National Outstanding Youth Fund, and one of them is winner  of Cheung Kong Scholars, together with three New Century Excellent Talents and  two Fok Ying Tung Foundation winners. Institute of aeronautical and  astronautical thermophysics belongs to Engineering Thermophysics in disciplines,  which has received the right to grant master and doctorate degree. In addition,  it is a main supporting unit of Astronautical Thermophysics, the key disciplines  of COSTIND.

The main research directions in  the institute include thermal radiative properties, multi-spectral solar energy  utilization, Optical detection, remote sensing and tracking system in the  thermal optical properties, microscale heat transfer, infrared characteristics  of target and the environment, stray light analysis and suppression for space  optical systems and thermal analysis of aviation and spacecraft. At present, the  major research projects undertaken includes: 4 key National Natural Science  Foundation of China(3 in commitment with 1 sub-topic), 1 National Natural  Science Foundation of major international cooperation, 1 National Natural  Science Foundation of major research projects, together with a number of  National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2 national 973 projects (Leader of  sub-project), 6 military 973 projects (sub-topics), and 8 National 863 Plan  Project (2 incommitment with 6 sub-topics), 3 pre-assembly Eleventh Five-year  research project (1 incommitment with 2 sub-topics), assembling pre-research  fund project (2 key project and a number of general projects), 7 defense-based  research project (sub-topics) and a number of cooperation projects with  aeronautical and astronautical or large-scale companies.

In teaching, heat transfer is  selected as National Quality Course, and fundamental courses for thermal and  power technology is selected as National Teaching Team.

In team construction,  2008 national defense science and technology innovation team , 2009 innovation  team of the Ministry of Education , 2009 National teaching team and 2011  National innovation group have been selected, as the supporting unit.  

In the application fundamental  research, more than 800 articles have been published in important academic  journals at home and abroad, with more than 400 articles  indexed in SCI, and more than 300 articles indexed in EI. Published articles  were cited more than 2,000 times by domestic and foreign counterparts, with more than 400 times indexed  in SCI, and more than 100 times in foreign Monographs.

In the applied research, a  number projects have been finished, such as satellite multi-spectral scanners,  CCD camera stray light analysis, optimal design of the star sensor hood,  theoretical modeling of infrared thermal imaging for the target, and studies on  infrared spectral characteristics. As the only commitment unit, 2 second prize  and 1 third prize of ministerial level scientific and technological progress  awards, 1 first prize of Natural Science Technology from Heilongjiang Province,  and 1 second prize of the National Natural Science Award have been received.