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Inst. Fluidmachinery and Control Engineering
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Institute of Fluidmachinery and  Control Engineering


The course of Fluidmachinery  and Engineering stems from the Specialty of Hydrodynamic Machinery of Harbin  Institute of Technology, which was founded in 1955, hereby was the earliest of  its like specialties. In recent years, it extends to a complete specialty of  “Fluidmachinery and Control Engineering”, involving fluid mechanics,  vane-fluidmachinery,hydraulic transmission with positive-displacement pump,  hydrodynamic transmission, microscopic fluid mechanics and other technologies on  power transmission and control.

At Institute of Fluidmachinery and  Control Engineering (IFMCE), there are 1 doctorial supervisor, 5 professors, 3  associate professors and 1 prelector; they also have fairly sufficient personnel  and enough facilities referring to fluid mechanics, fluidmachinery,  hydrodynamics, hydraulics, auto-control and computation development. Therein,  the project of Fluid Mechanics course has been awarded National Essence Course,  National Mechanics Experiment Teaching Demonstration Centre, National Foundation  Engineering Curriculum Mechanics Teaching Base, National Teaching Team, and also  many provincial or ministerial awards for teaching achievements.

IFMCE has strong ability of research and  development for scientific projects, and professional strength for engineering  applications. For half a century, they have been engaged in teaching and  research on fundamental theory of fluid mechanics, hydrodynamic transmission,  hydraulic transmission, fluidmachinery, and so forth. Hence, there is a  considerable influence for scientific research and development in this  profession.

lCurrently,  Institute of Fluidmachinery and Control Engineering has 3 labs, as  follows:

The Hydraulic  Transmission Lab (THTL) of IFMCE is supervised by associate Profs. Yong Dong and  Guo-Jun Yan, The current orientations point to the speed-variation control  system based on hydraulic coupling, the variable-speed driving system based on  hydraulic torque converter, hydrodynamic speed-regulating and transmission  devices for wind-power generation, etc.

Fluidmachinery  Control and Dynamic Simulation Lab (FMCDSL) of IFMCE is supervised by Profs.  Hong-jie Wang, Xian-zhu Wei, Wei-zhang Wu and Dr. Quan-zhong Liu. The current  orientations point to the technique of hydrodynamic simulation, hydraulic  components and relating control system, the design and stability analysis of  large-capacity hydroturbine, and the measurements and control technology of  fluidmchinery, etc.

Complex Flow  and Heat Transfer Lab (CFHTL) of IFMCE is supervised by Prof. Feng-Chen Li,  focusing on the researches of flow and control via changing the properties of  working fluids. The current orientations point to: surfactant additives for  turbulence drag reducing, microscopic flow control and heat transfer using  viscoelastic fluids, elastic turbulence at arbitrarily low Reynolds number,  experiments and numerical simulation for homogeneous isotropic turbulence for  viscoelastic fluids, the super-cavitation generation and control with fluids’  nature alteration, etc.