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The Teachers and Students of Our School in Taiwan to Participate in the 2015 IWHT
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From October 15th to 20th in 2015, the third International Workshop on Heat Transfer Advances for Energy Conservation and Pollution Control was held at National Taipei University of Technology, which was jointly undertaken by National Taipei University of Technology, National Chiao Tung University, National Tsing Hua University, and National Cheng Kung University. There were more than 300 people from 15 countries and regions during the conference, which conducted 6 plenary lectures, 25 special reports, 6 invited lectures as well as 131 oral reports. The topics involved in this international workshop reflected the latest research trends in the international field of heat transfer for energy conservation and pollution control, and group discussions and exchanges were respectively carried out on clean energy and energy storage technologies, heat exchangers and advanced energy systems, efficiency of energy-efficient equipment, multiple-phase flow heat and mass transfer, heat and mass transfer in porous media, heat and mass transfer enhancement, calculating flow and heat transfer technologies and other topics. Professor Tan Heping, Professor Li Bingxi, Professor Xia Xinlin, Professor Shuai Yong, Professor Qi Hong, Associate Professor Qi Hong and eight graduates of our school participated in the workshop.

The participants of our school listened carefully to the academic reports of each session of the workshop and actively took part in other activities related to the conference to discuss and exchange views on the issues of energy-related researches with the experts and scholars around the world. The participation in this workshop not only strengthened the understanding of our teachers and students to the latest development and academic standards of the energy discipline, but promoted their academic exchanges and contact with the well-known scholars in the field.

During the workshop, the teachers and students of our school were invited to visit the related laboratories of the Academy of Atomics of National Tsing Hua University, National Chiao Tung University, and National Taipei University of Technology.