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Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble of France Visits Our School
Publisher:刘彬  Publishing Time:2014-04-25   Views:41

A team led by Professor EMILE from Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble visited the School of Energy Science and Engineering at HIT on April 11th and Wang Hongjie, the Vice-president and Yuan Ying, the Deputy Party Secretary of our school met them with warm reception.Professor CAPLIER and BMILE first presented an excellent lecture introducing their researchfields as well as the overall situation and culture of Institut. Then they answered the questions from teachers and students. After the presentation, leaders and some experts of the school held a meeting with the two professors. Mr. Wang gave warm welcome to the guests for their visiting and introduced school’s situation, disciplines as well as research fields. Finally, he expressed his hope that this visit could promote the research cooperation and personnel exchanges between universities in France and both HIT and the School of Energy Science and Engineering.Later, the two sides exchanged views on the cooperative research direction and talents’ training methods which are of interest to both sides.