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Teaching and Experimental Center for Energy Power, established in October 2003, adopts college and department management system. It was founded through the merger of the original two fundamental laboratories Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, Thermal Technology Laboratory, and two specialized laboratories Thermal Engineering Laboratory, Thermal Engine Laboratory, which were founded in the 1950s, is the earliest established laboratories. The original Fluid Mechanics Laboratory and Thermal Technology Laboratory were double base qualified laboratories of ordinary institutions of higher learning of Heilongjiang Province. The Center has an area of 1300 square meters, more than three million yuan in fixed assets, and more than 300 sets of equipment, each of which is worth more than 800 yuan. It sets up 26 experiments for technical basic courses, such as Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Engineering Thermodynamics, and Heat Transfer, and professional basic courses, such as Combustion Science, Aerodynamics, and Thermal Energy and Power Machinery Testing Technology. Twenty-eight professional experiments of six specialty directions are managed by the Center and set up by the affiliated Institutes of the school.

Since the establishment of the Center, it has raised funds from multiple sources for infrastructure-building. Meanwhile, experimental teaching system of specialties in energy and power engineering has been reformed and explored, which has achieved many results. Teaching reform projects that the Center presides over or participates in have won one first prize and three second prizes of Provincial Teaching Achievements in Higher Education, one first prize of Graduate Teaching Achievements at the university level, and two first prizes of Teaching and Scientific Achievements of Provincial Institute of Higher Education. During the curriculum construction, several courses were awarded as the National Excellent Courses, the Principal Excellent Courses and HIT’s Excellent Courses. Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, which the Center belongs to, is the national engineering mechanics teaching base. It cooperated with Mechanics Experiment Center to build the national experiment teaching model center. In December 2002, Teaching and Experimental Center for Energy Power was approved as the experimental teaching demonstration center.

International society of the 21st century will face more fierce competition, the core of which is for talents. Focusing on the personnel training needs and the goal of building HIT into a well-known world-class university, the Center devotes itself to building the sharing platform that integrates discipline construction, academic training and knowledge learning.