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School of Energy Science and Engineering Successfully Held Academic Seminar with Moscow Aeronautical Institute
Publisher:管理员LIU  Publishing Time:2017-11-29   Views:128

In order to deepen the understanding, strengthen the cooperation and enhance the friendship between two sides, on November 24, led by the vice academic chancellor, Kozorez Dmitry, faculty representatives of Moscow Aeronautical Institute visited our school. Members of the delegation group included head of pedagogics administrative office, director of aircraft engine department, director of information and controlling system department, and vice header of external affairs office.

Professor Zhao Guangbo, our dean of department, led concerned teachers to attend this seminar in Room 619 of Power Building. Two sides exchanged views with one another in aspects such as history of both universities, path of subject evolution and methods regarding student development.Then Associate Professor Liu Guodong, assistant officer of foreign affairs, introduced the development history, subject settings and international communication of our department in fluent English. Assistant Professor Chen Shaowen, then gave a detailed introduction of the teaching plan of undergraduates and postgraduates in our department.

When the introduction of our department came to an end, Sredkov Yuri, head of the information and controlling system of MAI, and Monakhova Veronica, the director of the aircraft engine department, individually introduced situations in related fields of Moscow Aeronautical Institute. After that, the two sides conducted in-depth and enthusiastic academic interactions and discussed the possibility of establishing a joint academic center.

Founded in 1930, Moscow Aeronautical Institute was awarded the title of University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 1993 and is a specialized aeronautical engineering university. So far, most of the Russian aerospace scientific and technological achievements came from this university which is also a member of ASRTU.