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Inst. Gas Dynamics of Engine
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The Research  Institute for Gas Dynamics of Engine

The Research  Institute for Gas Dynamics of Engine (hereinafter referred to as“the Research Institute”),  which develops from theresearch group of Thermo-turbomachinery in the School of  Energy Science and Engineering, was established in September 1994. Since then,  so as to meet the demands for the development of aircraft engine and gas  turbine, the Research Institute makes out a scientific policy called  “army-civilian combination and mutual promotion”. Meanwhile, the Research  Institute also gives priority to the aerothermodynamics of turbomachinery just  for our country’s great needs, expanding the deepening meaning of the research  orientation at both the military and civilian fields.

At present,  there exists 2000 square meters’laboratory with the testbed of super/transonic  compressor, which could conduct the experiments for the Aeroengine Compressor  and The Ground Gas Turbine Compressor; in addition, there also exists the  testbed ofsuper/transonic plane cascade, hot-wire anemometer, laser velocimeter  and some other advanced instruments and equipments formechanical impeller flow  measurement; what’s more, it is also equipped with the super computer fleet  server, which could perform the numerical optimization design simulation for  impeller mechanical pneumatic.

In the last  three years, in the field of some basic research, the Research Institute  undertakes some important projects, such as the Project 973 of the Ministry of  Science and Technology, and some other projects from the National Natural  Science Foundation of China. In the field of some applied research, the Research  Institute also undertakes the following projects: the major projects 863 of the  Ministry of Science and Technology, The Chinese Aviation Industrial 606 and 608,  and over 20 projects of 624, projects of Marine gas turbine, and some other  cooperative projects from National Defense Preliminary Research Projects,  Dong’an engine manufacturing co., LTD, China Shipbuilding Industry 703,  Aerospace 31, Harbin Turbine Works, and Qingdao steam turbine  factory.

The Research  Institute has already built up the ranks with full ages which haveDoctors,  Masters as the backbone combined.There are 8 teachers including an academicianof  the Chinese Academy of Engineering (Wang Zhongqi), three professors, four  doctoral supervisors, one associateprofessor, two lecturers and two part-time  professors.Currently, there are more than 30 postgraduates and Doctoral  candidates in this Research Institute. And more than 150 papers have been published in the  last three years.

The Institutewas  awardedthe first prize  of Chinese Machinery Industrial Science and Technology in 2009 and the second  prize of National Science and Technology Progress in 2010. And ithas reached the  leading level of the world in the research field of bowed-twisted  blade.