The School of Energy Science and Engineering was founded in June, 1994. It consists of Thermal Power Engineering, Thermal Turbine, Fluid Power Machinery, part majors of the original School of Automobile and Hydraulics of Hydraulic Technology Teaching Research Office. The School of Automobile was relocated to Weihai Campus and Hydraulics was merged to the School of Mechatronics Engineering in 1998. In 2003, to meet the needs of constructing Research University, newly founded Energy and Environment Engineering Department, Flight Vehicle Propulsion and Fluid Dynamics Department and Undergraduate Teaching and Experiment Center replaced the Teaching Research Office.

With the development of specialty, the course system of Thermal Energy and Power Engineering has carried out a great reform in recent years. In 1998, our school merged three undergraduate majors of Thermal Power Engineering, Thermal Engine and Fluid Power Machinery into Thermal Energy and Power Engineering. The original three specialties became specialty directions while two new specialty directions were set up. They are Air Conditioning and Refrigeration and Air Pollution Control. The new Thermal Energy and Power Engineering turned to be a major specialty and the course system made corresponding reform. The specialty adjustment and course system reform are to widen students’ professional knowledge scope and meet market demand for talents. All the mentioned changes are based on this purpose. Flight Vehicle Propulsion Engineering was established in 2002 and enrollment began in September, 2003. Nuclear Reactor Engineering was established in 2008 and enrollment began in the same year. The specialty first enrolled 22 students including 4 students of 2006 and 7 students of 2007 adjusting to this specialty.