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Inst. Propulsion Theory and Technology
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Institute of Propulsion  Theory and Technology


Head of the institute: Huang  Hongyan, professor/doctorial tutor.

The institute is one of the  major parts constituting the national key discipline---Power Machine and  Engineering. The Institute is a leading national centre for research on the  aerothermodynamics of turbomachine flowpath and the design of flight vehicle  power plant. There are 9 teaching and research staff in the institute, 3  professors, 2 associate professors, among them 7 with doctor degree. Now,the  Institute has received more than RMB21,000,000 financial support and built an  advanced-instrument-equipped laboratory with an area of nearly 2,000 sq. meters.  The Turbomachinery Laboratory was approved as the province level key laboratory  in 2000.

Since 1960s, the Institute has  always been undertaking the research on the theory of the bowed-twisted blade in  turbomachinery and its three dimensional design methods. The bowed-twisted blade  called as the third generation blade was proposed by Prof. Wang Zhongqi and  Prof. Filippov from formerSoviet Union. Up to now, the Institute has already put  forward the complete three dimensional design system of bowed-twisted blade, and  also successfully applied the bowed-twisted blade to the liquid rocket, aviation  and missile engine, naval turbine and all 5 types of large steam turbine  units.

In the recent 5 years, more  than 50 EI retrieval technical papers are published, more than 20 SCI retrieval  technical papers are published. The Institute was awarded the second prize of  National Nature Science in 1993, the second prize of National Science and  Technology Progress in 2000, the first prize of Defense Science and Technology  Progress Award in 2007, the second prize of Defense Science and Technology  Progress Award in 2008.The institute was also awarded 4 second prize and 2 third  prize province or ministry level awards. The number of edited and editing  materials are two.

The Institute is  in the leading position in the research of bowed-twisted blade in the  world.