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[Energy - Vision] The Eighth Issue - The Activity of “Insight to Britain” is Held Successfully
Publisher:刘彬  Publishing Time:2015-11-16   Views:26

[Energy - Vision] The Eighth Issue - The Activity of “Insight to Britain” is Held Successfully

At 10 a.m. on November 13th, 2015, the Eighth Issue - the Salon Activity of Senior’s Experience Sharing of “Approach to Britain” of Energy - Vision was successfully held in the Power Building. Taking into account the students’ strong interest in academic visits during last activity, Dr. Li Song at the Institute of Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics of the School of Energy Science and Engineering was invited for experience sharing. He came to the top universities in the UK such as University of Edinburgh, University of Leeds, University of Manchester, and University of Birmingham for short-term academic exchanges and visits. After the last exchange meeting, this activity again ushered in the enthusiastic participation of students.

In this academic salon, Mr. Li mainly shard his experience of the academic exchanges and visits in the UK, enabling the students to have a certain understanding of the advanced scientific research ideas and methods of the laboratories in British universities as well as the advanced scientific research culture of the universities and British social civilization. After Mr. Li shared his experiences, he also answered the questions about job interviews interesting the students in a detailed and patient way, thus making them also have a deep understanding of the details of job interviews. Finally, Mr. Li sent a message to us and urged us to work actively for winning honor for our alma mater and motherland.

After two activities of short academic visits were held, the Secretariat would focus on studying abroad in subsequent activities. Please look forward to our next Salon.