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Successful Completion of the 5th “Power Cup Teacher and Student Badminton Match for School of Energy Science and Engineering
Publisher:刘彬  Publishing Time:2016-10-19   Views:35

Recently, the 5th Power Cup Teacher and Student Badminton Match for School of Energy Science and Engineering have started in the HIT Gym. The event was sponsored by the school’s Labor Union and Communist Youth League and organized by Nengda Badminton Club. This event is aimed to enrich the campus cultural experiences of both teachers and students and promote their out-of-the-classroom communication.

This year’s match was divided into two categories: faculty team and student team, and it adopted the 2+2+1 (men's doubles, mixed doubles, 5 V 5) match system. There were 27 participants of teachers and students (undergraduates, postgraduates as well as PHD candidates) taking part in the matches. The players demonstrated excellent playing skills in the matches, and their superb performances have consistently won the thunderous applauses from the audiences. First, the faculty team and student team competed to win the two games in men's doubles and mixed doubles in their own category, and reached 2:2 ties in the first four games. In the 5 V 5 games, both teachers and students selected 11 players from their respective team. After a series of fierce and thrilling match points, the faculty team won a victory with 110:103 over the student team.

After the matches, a group photo of all players was taken to commemorate the event. Yuan Ying, Deputy Party Secretary of our school presented souvenirs for all players. The match has not only enriched the on-campus cultural experiences of teachers and students, but also promoted their communication. Such event bridges the distance between teachers and students, cultivating a positive relationship between them, which lays a solid foundation for their exchanges and cooperation in the process of scientific research as well as teaching and learning.