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Briefing and Commending Meeting of School Year 2015 of the School of Energy Science and Engineering concludes successfully
Publisher:刘彬  Publishing Time:2015-12-30   Views:13

On December 29th, 2015, the briefing and commending meeting of school year 2015 of the School of Energy Science and Engineering was held in conference room 619 in Power Building. The School’s President Zhao Guangbo, Party Secretary Zhang Guifen, Vice Presidents He Yurong and Shuai Yong, Deputy Party Secretary Yuan Ying, and other faculty participated in the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by the School’s Party Secretary, Zhang Guifen. Five leaders from the School of Energy Science and Engineering, including President Zhao Guangbo, delivered their personal briefing reports on a variety of points, such as their individual achievements, their ideological and political outlooks, performances of their jobs, completion of key work, and self-disciplining effects. They delivered truthfully in their reports their achievements, breakthroughs, existing problems and suggestions on several key aspects, such as disciplinary construction, party administration, and education of postgraduates, teaching, scientific research, and confidentiality work of scientific research, foreign affairs and student work. All faculty members present listened carefully to their reports. Through online voting, a democratic evaluation was conducted for the school’s administrative team and teachers holding administrative posts from five aspects: morality, ability, diligence, performance and integrity.

After the briefing and summary session of the meeting, a following ceremony was held to commend outstanding performances for 2015 school year. Eighteen awards, including Youth Exchange Contribution Award, Academic Rookie Award, Research Pioneer Award, and Caring Student Award was presented to 30 outstanding teachers with excellent performances in scientific research, teaching, talent cultivation, and international exchanges.

Finally, President Zhao delivered his concluding remarks for the meeting. He gave positive feedback to all the school work in 2015, expressing his hopes for the work in 2016. In the end, President Zhao wished the school to make new achievements and breakthroughs in the coming year.